What's Changing?

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Ponca St. will be shifted further east to allow more space on the bus facility site.

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MDOT MTA will construct a new, modern operations and maintenance facility.

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Delivery trucks will enter the facility from Ponca St.

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The bus entrance into the facility will be on Ponca St.

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Solar panels will be installed on the roof of the bus storage building.

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Ponca St. will be reconstructed with one lane per direction, turn lanes, trees and a green median to reduce vehicle speeds and make it easier to cross the street.

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The facility will include bus storage and charging for approx. 180 buses and employee parking.

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The intersection of Eastern Ave. and Ponca St. will be reconstructed. New crosswalks and signals will be installed to improve pedestrian safety.

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Project timeline

  • 2022

    Begin Planning, Design, and Environmental Review

  • 2024

    Complete Planning, Design, and Environmental Review

  • 2025

    Start of Construction

  • 2029

    Reconstructed Division Opens

Project benefits

Improvements in and around the Eastern Bus Division facility will promote:

Cleaner and quieter fleet of battery-electric buses

Sustainability features to attain LEED Silver, including solar panels

Dedicated bus entrance removed from residential streets

Upgraded intersection at Ponca St. and Eastern Ave.

On-site employee parking to free up street parking

Improved sidewalks and crosswalks

Modern facility for MDOT MTA operators and staff


Why reconstruct the Eastern Bus Division?

Eastern is an important part of MDOT MTA’s bus system because it houses bus maintenance and operations for over 170 buses serving the Baltimore region. However, the facility is over 80 years old, and it lacks the technology and space to support zero-emissions buses.

What improvements are being made?

  • Trees and improved pedestrian features are being added to Ponca St.
  • A new entrance will be added on Ponca St., taking bus and truck traffic off residential roads.
  • Bus charging and storage will be added to support an electric bus fleet.
  • The new facility will be built with amenities for employees, including an exercise room, quiet rooms and improved office and training space.
  • New layout of maintenance and service lanes will improve traffic flow within the site.


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